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Curry Forbes list of elite sports jersey sales soar 600 percent

"Forbes" magazine today named the 2016 annual top 30 list of the age of 30 sports elite, headed star Warriors 27-year-old Stephen - Curry topped the list. Curry last season, he was elected the regular season MVP, and led the Warriors to win the NBA championship. So far this season, he played just 34.2 minutes 29.7 points, 5.5 rebounds and 6.4 assists.

"30 under 30 elite big" yes "Forbes" magazine inherent columns, which includes a number of areas, such as art, music, Hollywood, science, sports and so on. This is the fifth annual selection of the column.

Curry's growth history can be quite inspirational. In 2009 he was selected seventh overall in the first round, even after he joined the Warriors play three years, he is still full of doubt around. Especially in the 2011-12 season, Curry's ankle is often injured, also affected his performance to some extent. In 2014, Curry failed to All-Star. But now, he has become the league's hottest star, his jersey sales ranked first in the league, the comparison even a full six-fold increase last year.

Curry endorsement of the sports brand in 2013 and he also signed a multiyear business contracts, get three million dollars a year in endorsement fees at the library from this brand. From now on, it really is great value of the contract. In addition to sports brand, Curry individuals in all major areas of investment, but also a very successful businessman.

A total of three NBA players selected in this list, in addition to Curry, 25-year-old Damian - No. 19 Lillard, 26-year-old Russell - Westbrook ranked No. 29. In the last year of the Award, NBA there are two players selected, they are ranked in the top Rockets star James - Harden and ranked No. 22 in the Clippers star Chris Paul.

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